There are few types of accidents that are more serious than one involving a bike rider and car. Due to the differences in size, speed, and mass of these vehicles, very serious injury is common. As a result, what you do after being in such an accident is important. You may have heard that the police should be called after any accident, but is this really necessary? Learn all about the proper steps to take after being in a bike accident.

Calling the Police

It really is in your best interest to call the police after you are in a bike accident. This is true no matter how minor you think the accident is. Some injuries may not be immediately obvious, and a police officer can evaluate whether you need medical attention. Whenever the police respond, paramedics will arrive as well, so true medical professionals can evaluate everyone involved in the accident. Due to the high adrenaline of the situation, you may not feel any pain from the injury, but this does not mean it is not serious. In some cases, victims of crashes can have broken bones and not even realize it. It is important to call the police after an accident and wait for them to arrive.

Other Benefits

In addition to handling possible injuries, there are other benefits to calling the police. These can include:

  • Mediating discussions between parties involved with the accident
  • Creating an official police report
  • Recording contact information of everyone involved
  • Blocking traffic to safely retrieve items or vehicles from the road

It is possible for discussion between parties to get heated quickly once the conversation shifts from everyone’s safety to who is at fault. Having an officer to help manage the discussion is helpful. You can get your version of events officially recorded in the accident report. Calls of accidents between motorists and bicyclists have a higher priority when it comes to response, so an officer should arrive soon.

Other Actions You Should Take

There are a few other things you should always do after an accident. Take pictures of everything to create as much evidence as possible. Identify people who may have witnessed the accident and ask them to wait for police as well. You should also get witness’ contact information. Once everything else is taken care of, you should also contact a legal professional who specializes in motor accidents. Some lawyers even specialize in accidents involving bicycles and can offer detailed advice.