Topics an Elder Law Lawyer Can Help With

Finding the right elder law lawyer to guide you through the many topics within the practice area can be intimidating. When you are seeking legal guidance so that you can take care of a loved one, you want to make sure that you are receiving the best help available. A trusted elder law lawyer like one at McCarthy Law, LLC has experience assisting clients on many types of cases. Here are just a few of the things that you can discuss with a lawyer they are ready to help you.  

Designating Guardians

In case you are no longer able to care for your loved one, there need to be individuals that can fulfill those duties. Designating a guardian for your elderly loved one is crucial so that they can continue to receive the proper care that they need. Guardianship should be acknowledged in your estate plan if you have certain individuals in mind to take care of your dependent loved one if you aren’t able to. 

Dementia Care

Elder law lawyers can give you advice regarding how to best set up care for your loved one with dementia. They can assist you with a variety of tasks, such as filling out paperwork, setting up healthcare directives, and finding the best long-term insurance policies that will fit your family’s needs. All of these things should be in place so that you are prepared for any type of emergency, such as in the case of your loved one’s incapacitation. 

Nursing Home Facilities

Searching for the right nursing home can be a long and painstaking process. It is emotionally taxing on your loved one and your family. Elder law lawyers can assist you through every step, and even help you find and consider nursing home alternatives such as hiring in-home nurses. 

Medicare Application

Medicare is a valuable federal program that many senior citizens rely on for financial stability. However, applying for benefits can be a difficult process. A lawyer who has experience in elder law and handling applications for the Medicare program can assist you in many areas such as maximizing your benefit amount. 

Estate Planning 

Creating an estate plan that suits your interests and needs can be intimidating, and for many people, it is difficult to know where to start. Elder law lawyers can give you personalized legal advice so that you can build an estate plan that reflects your interests and allows you to accomplish your asset protection goals. 

For more information about legal services available, schedule a consultation with a top-rated elder law lawyer.