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How We Got Here

The exchange of information and ideas is an important part of the legal foundations of this country and the way that law is practiced in the United States today. With the model of our modern democracy hailing back to the ancient Romans and Greeks, discussion and debate are at the foundation of democracy and our legal system today. Many lawyers though, feel like there is not much rhetoric left in law today and that there are few places to discuss important issues and topics that come up in their daily practice. As many trial lawyers will attest, the scenes in movies of lawyers getting into debates in the courtroom that allow philosophical discourse, do not really happen. Many of our friends and colleagues in the legal field have expressed frustration at this, along with the lack of friendly discourse amongst peers that legal professionals thought they would have once they embarked on their careers.

Where We Are Now

In today’s digital world, people are meeting in-person less and less, and more and more in online forums. People have less time to travel to physical locations and are spending more time getting things accomplished online. From groceries to clothing, from dating to therapy sessions, from academic tutoring to sports lessons, people are getting goods and services online without leaving the comfort of their homes and offices. Not only do people spend more and more time doing things online that they used to do “in real life,” the typical person is becoming more and more comfortable with digital commerce and communication. Many people even prefer to send a text message or email rather than getting on the phone to have a conversation in real time.

These things and more have led us to see the need for legal professionals to have a digital forum to exchange information, and to have discourse and debate, without the time constraints of more traditional professional organizations’ events and conferences.

It does not matter whether or not you want to actively participate in our online forums and informational “events,” or just want to read through what your peers and colleagues have to say about topics that are of interest to you- you can do either of these, or find a happy medium for yourself someplace in between. Even though we do not know you personally, because of your profession, we know how valuable your time is and want to provide you with a place to get the information and connections you want without it taking time you cannot afford to give.

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