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Civil Law Claims
As legal professionals know, civil law covers many different practice areas that are covered by judges presiding over civic courtrooms. One of the most common kinds of civil cases are ones that stem from personal injury claims but there are many, many different kinds of personal injury cases that a lawyer may specialize in in one or more area of. The following are topics that visitors to this site have already expressed interest in:

General Personal Injury
If you have an interest in general personal injury, this section may be for you. When someone is injured or becomes unwell in the United States because of one or more parties’ negligence, recklessness or maliciousness, the victim may be entitled to compensation from the party that caused their injury. Personal injury law is similar in many states but each state has its own unique set of personal injury laws.

  • Medical Malpractice If you have an interest in topics that stem from when a physician or
    other healthcare provider’s negligence results in a patients harm, this is probably the
    channel that you will spend the most time on.
  • Product Liability When an innocent consumer is injured because of a faulty or
    malfunctioning product, and you are the person that wants to protect them, this is the
    channel where you will most likely encounter other lawyers with similar interests.
  • Moving Vehicle Accident If you want to hold negligent vehicle operators accountable for
    their negligence, this is where you will find discussions about issues surrounding this.
  • Premise Liability If your interests lie in protecting innocent people who are injured on
    negligent property owners’ premises, this is likely where you will find the discourse on
    these and other related areas of law that you desire.
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect It is a tragedy that someone who cannot take care of
    themselves would be abused by staff at their nursing home or suffer from neglect that is
    so severe it is abuse. Lawyers who defend nursing home abuse victims can use this as a
    place for people with like minds to gather and feel like they have a community of people
    to share their ideas, concerns, questions and information.

Family Law If your professional focus and personal passion is in family law, this is the place you will most likely visit the most. Along with a general family law forum, there will be channels dedicated to the different practice areas of law that include but are not limited to: divorce, child custody, visitation, and support, adoption, surrogacy, child protection, juveniles, and paternity.

Estate and Probate If your area of specialty is estate and/or probate law, this is likely where you will find the discussions that most interest you.

Intellectual Property The fast pace and fast changing ways to exchange intellectual property, along with the new kinds of intellectual property this creates, makes this and related areas of law particularly engaging to those who practice it. Explore the ideas of others and contribute your own on this vibrant channel.

Workers Compensation If your passion is protecting workers from their employers’ negligent and/or unlawful practices, this is the channel where you are likely to find the most interesting discussions.

The above are just a few of the many, many different topics that legal professionals who visit this site have interests in. Join our discussions and help to expand your mind and the minds of others. Information and a community to exchange it with are important parts of our society that we are hoping to keep alive in our increasingly digital world.