Car Accident Lawyer

The driving hazard of having a suspended license is extremely high, and drivers with those licenses are at a considerably higher risk of issues following motor vehicle accidents. There is no difference between going to the mailbox, checking the mail, or picking up your child from the bus stop. The police may arrest you if you encounter them for a traffic violation while driving with a suspended license according to a car accident lawyer with our friends at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch. Drivers who drive with suspended licenses may be fined, placed on probation, ordered to do community service, or even face jail time in some cases. Even driving for a simple errand can be dangerous since anything can happen. There is unfortunately a wide range of things that could be considered anything. A motor vehicle accident could result from running a red light. Driving while suspended will put you and other people in more danger. Driving while your license is suspended violates what the court has ordered when you disregard what the court has ordered. You are prohibited from driving for whatever reason the court has chosen.

Many people do not take this seriously, believing it or not. You will not be able to drive with a suspended license, so this is a crime. In the future, if you intentionally disobey the law, you can be criminally charged. As part of your everyday life, driving from place to place does not seem like something you should take lightly. The punishment for so many occurrences can result in the loss of your license indefinitely, so it is imperative to take care in handling the situation.

In order to handle the situation professionally, you need to discuss your legal options with a knowledgeable criminal offense attorney in your area. You should call your local department of motor vehicles whenever you learn your license has been suspended to find out why. In the event that the suspension is related to a criminal case, you should contact an attorney to determine your legal options. When you are reaching out to organizations for more information, it can be an emotional time and you may be tempted to share extra information. However, you should consult with a lawyer before doing so, as the wrong thing can be held against you even when said during times of high emotion.

Although there will not be a guarantee on the outcome of your case, as you may have a good chance of avoiding jail time if your case is handled before your encounter with law enforcement, however there is no guarantee on how your case will turn out. You should notify a criminal offense to ensure that you will be able to take action on this matter immediately and before it is too late. Reach out immediately to an attorney near you if you suspect you have a case on your hands. They will be able to represent you and provide guidance on your case.