No parent wants to have to seek the assistance of a child custody lawyer but those who do often have many questions and concerns. This is why it is critical to seek quality legal assistance when pursuing a child custody case or even just modifying existing orders. Finding the right child custody lawyer for you can easily become overwhelming as you want someone who knows what they are doing and is personable. 

If you are on the search now, use the following tips to help you find what you are looking for. 

Experience in Family Law

Family law is often highly emotional and complex, and it becomes even more so when children are involved. There are plenty of family law lawyers out there but not all family law lawyers are experienced with matters concerning child custody. Just like you wouldn’t hire your general practitioner to perform surgy you shouldn’t hire a general practice lawyer who doesn’t practice family law. 

You want someone who has experience handling child custody cases. Not just someone who does family law but someone who specializes in working on cases that involve children. 

Select a Local Lawyer 

It is important that you select a local child custody lawyer. Laws are different from county to county and that can make all the difference. When dealing with legal matters that involve children, time is valuable and mishandling of the case due to inexperience with local courts could cause major delays or worse. The last thing you want is your child to become entangled in a drawn-out custody battle that could have been avoided. The best way to ensure that that doesn’t happen is to hire someone local and has a proven track record in handling cases. 

Proven Track Record 

Alongside the importance of selecting a lawyer in the local jurisdiction, you have to find one with a proven track record. Look into the lawyer’s peer reviews and ask them about how many cases they have won versus how many they have lost. Also, ask about client testimonials and peer recommendations from them. If they don’t have good reviews then it is safe to say that they are not the right lawyer for you. Also, check to make sure that they have no discipline records as you don’t want someone who has malpractice against the court. 

Meet in Person 

Always arrange an initial meeting with the lawyer you are considering before committing to hiring them. Have a list of questions ready and treat it like a job interview. You want someone who is dedicated and pays attention to you. Don’t just settle on your first lawyer, go through different interviews to find the one for you.