Why Successful Companies Rely on In-House Lawyers

Working for a law firm is a lucrative career opportunity, but it’s not the only option available for lawyers looking to apply their talents. Many of the best lawyers become in-house lawyers for companies, handling all of the legal work the company needs, as opposed to working for a firm and serving which clients come to the firm for assistance. So, what is an in-house lawyer? They’re counsel hired full time by a corporation or business in order to protect the company’s best interests in any legal matters. There are many benefits to working as an in-house lawyer, and also many benefits to the company hiring them.

Legal Document Management

Work as an in-house lawyer often allows for more normal working hours than working at a firm, as the majority of work can be done during the normal business day while the rest of the company is in working. Some of the most common tasks completed by a company’s legal staff include the handling of documents. From the drafting of contracts to reading over legal documents with other companies or oversight organizations, an in-house lawyer can make sure that the company is protected.

Offering Legal Counsel

There’s a reason it takes so long to become a lawyer — the law is complicated! If you’re not an attorney, you can’t be expected to fully understand all the nuances of our legal system. With an in-house lawyer on staff, employees at a company gain valuable access to a professional who can advise on the legality of any decisions, and even offer suggestions of superior ways of doing things while remaining on the right side of the law. A lawyer may also be called upon in the event of receiving information that is heavy in legalese, taking the information and translating it into more-easily understood terms for non-lawyers at the company.

Trying Cases

Although there are more responsibilities in the day-to-day operations of an in-house lawyer, they are also still available in the event that a company requires representation in court. Just as would be expected of an outside attorney from a law firm, the in-house attorney can handle everything from pretrial negotiations and discovery to actually trying the case in the courtroom. Having a lawyer who knows a company inside and out can be especially helpful in crafting a strong case. That’s why having an in-house lawyer is not just a great opportunity for the attorney, but also for the company they work for.