Pets, most families in the United States own them. Whether it be a cat or a dog these furry friends are always there for the owners. However, what happens when one of these animals attacks someone? In what situations will the owner be forced to take responsibility for the pets actions? Many people go through this same thing so you’re not alone. On average over 4.5 million people get bit by dogs in the United States every year, while only about 400,000 cat bites occur yearly in the United States in comparison. After reading this blog not only will these questions be answered, but those which deal with other legal issues when dealing with animal attacks will be as well.

To start with, the most common animal attack in the U.S. to date is dog attacks. In the state of Texas different legal claims can be made when dealing with this kind of incident, the first being negligence. This means it would fall under personal injury law and would go to civil court as Texas does not have a “one bite rule”. In the case of a negligence claim being made, the plaintiff must prove for a fact negligence was a factor on the owner’s part of the dog bite or attack. In the state of Texas negligence in these situations can be defined as failure of the owner to take proper care of the dog, to watch the dog, or to properly restrain the dog. Considering this most counties in Texas including Dallas have laws requiring dogs be properly restrained with leashes any time they are in a public area. 

Furthermore, dogs are not the only animals who commonly bite people, this includes cats as well. Although cats don’t bite people as often as dogs, their bites can be a lot more dangerous. The reason for this is that cat bites typically lead to infections, because of the amount of bacteria they have contained in their saliva. When it comes to the legality of cat bites in many counties around Texas it is not illegal for cats to roam. However, in Dallas this is not the case. In Dallas county cats must be restrained by some kind of collar and leash at all times while in public or on public property. Though not all countries follow these laws. 

Surprisingly, if a county does not delegate cats must be restrained in some way, whether it be with a leash or some other method, then the owner would not be held liable for the cat attack. This means the owner would also not be deemed neglectful toward the cat. Specifically in the state of Texas, this would mean the owner could not be held liable for a cat bite in this way. The same would also apply for a dog bite, if the owner was not found as being negligent then legally there isn’t much a person who has been attacked could do. 

When it comes to the legalities of animal bites and attacks, it may seem hard to understand at first, but with some time and a little researchit will become much easier to understand. Depending if it’s a cat or a dog the laws may vary as well as depending on the situation at hand. Meaning there is still hope for legal compensation for things such as injuries or other medical bills that come along with the territory. Remember, there’s always a way to get proper payment from an owner if an animal attacks you out of their own negligence for their pet. If you have any questions about a personal injury case, contact a personal injury lawyer in Arlington, TX, like the office of Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC.