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If you or a loved one suffered brain injuries in an accident, solid legal representation is critical. The medical consequences and complications can be considerable when brain tissue is damaged, which means your losses may be extensive.

Under the circumstances, you can trust a workplace brain injury lawyer in El Paso, TX to handle your claim.

What are some symptoms of brain injuries?

In some cases, your injuries will be obvious because you’re bleeding, lost consciousness, or have a large bump. You should head to the emergency room immediately, as quick action could prevent long-term medical effects.

However, you should watch out for some other signs that aren’t so apparent, especially those that may indicate traumatic brain injury (TBI). Symptoms may include:

·      Persistent or severe headache;

·      Convulsions or seizure;

·      Fluids draining from the nose or ears;

·      Nausea or vomiting;

·      Sensitivity to light or sound;

·      Dizziness or a foggy-feeling;

·      Fatigue and difficulty sleeping;

·      Blurred vision;

·      Confusion; and,

·      Slurred speech.

How do brain injuries happen?

The brain tissue may be damaged by a violent blow to the head or an impact that causes the brain to move within the skull, striking the hard bone. There are numerous different ways you could sustain a brain injury, but accidents are among the most common causes. Workplace brain injury lawyers in El Paso, TX handle such cases as:

·      Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents;

·      Incidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists;

·      Oil field accidents;

·      Other workplace incidents involving workers’ comp claims and civil litigation;

·      Medical malpractice and medical mistakes;

·      Products liability, where a defect in the item makes it dangerous for regular use; and, Many others.

What are my rights as the victim of a brain injury?

You can seek compensation from the party responsible for causing your injuries, but you need to establish the essential elements of a claim based upon negligence. A workplace brain injury lawyer in El Paso, TX will help you prove that the person breached the legal duty to exercise reasonable care and you suffered brain injuries as a result. It’s also necessary to show that you suffered physical, financial, and emotional losses due to your brain injury.

What can I recover in compensation for brain injuries?

The term “compensation” refers to the monetary damages you may be entitled to recover because of the losses you sustain as a victim. Some of them are economic in nature, which means you prove your claim by providing documentation about your losses. Economic damages compensate you for medical bills, including surgery, hospitalization, ongoing care, physical therapy, pain medications, treatment by specialists, and any other medical expenses. Lost wages are also economic damages if you cannot work.

Non-economic damages are more complicated because they’re subjective, but you may still be entitled to compensation. Examples of losses in this category include:

·      Pain and suffering;

·      Diminished quality of life;

·      Losses based upon your personal relationships;

·      Emotional distress; and,

·      Many more depending on your case.

Keep in mind that Texas has a law on proportionate liability, which could affect the amount of compensation you can recover. If you were at fault in the accident that caused your brain injuries, your monetary award is reduced by the percentage of blame attributable to you

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