Anyone who has ever suffered a serious injury knows the impact it can have physically, emotionally and financially. An accident can have a significant toll on your health and your ability to provide for your family. You may even suffer a loss of enjoyment of favorite activities and family time. If you believe someone else is responsible for your injuries, you should speak to an attorney. You could be entitled to suing for damages related to the incident. Various elements will decide whether you win your case and how much money you’ll receive.

The Nature of the Injury

Even a minor accident can cause a significant injury. However, not all injuries will warrant filing a personal injury case and certainly wouldn’t award you a big settlement. The more severe the injury, the more medical care you will need. For example, massive internal injuries will require extensive treatment, including surgeries, medication and rehabilitation. These costs could be crippling, so the court will consider those factors. On the other hand, you can expect a much smaller settlement if your injuries were limited to a sprained ankle or a cut that required a few stitches.

How the Injury Impacts Your Daily Life

When an injury prevents you from fulfilling daily tasks and hinders your quality of life, you are more likely to get a larger settlement. This will especially be the case if you are unable to return to work or resume your job at all. You can claim damages for lost wages and future lost earnings. The court may also consider pain and suffering if your injuries keep you from enjoying hobbies and intimate time with a partner.

The Degree of a Negligence from the Offending Party

Whether you win your injury case will depend on whether the court finds the other party responsible for your injuries. If the defendant hurt you because of poor judgment or due to a lack of communication, that person or organization could be liable. However, your settlement amount could be even greater if your attorney can show that the party deliberately tried to harm or kill you. This is more common in auto accidents when a driver with road rage purposefully collides with another vehicle. Your personal injury lawsuit will not automatically lead to the settlement amount you desire. However, these conditions can affect how much you’ll receive from the damages that you claim. Your personal injury lawyer will help ensure that you get the outcome you are looking for.