Not every criminal case becomes a topic of conversation within the public. But every so often, a celebrity, public icon or politician gets accused of a crime. These types of cases can quickly become public knowledge and spread like rapid fire across media platforms. Even average people may end up in the limelight if they were accused of something terrible or peculiar. When it comes to combating public outcry or judgments about the accused, a law firm can benefit from having a public relations professional on their side. 

In the article here, we have answered common questions an attorney at a law office may have about the public relations approach.

What is the job of a public relations team?

The goal of a public relations professional is to maintain or establish positive relationships with those within the community. They can also help to improve the public’s perception of a party or brand, along with minimizing the negative impact of an incident or accusation. A public relations team can work with attorneys, companies, individuals, celebrities, accused criminals, business owners, and more. 

How can a public relations professional help protect reputation of the accused?

Those who are often in the eyes of the public can be at a greater risk for fluctuations in public opinion and approval. Even the smallest of actions or statements can be taken and interpreted poorly. A famous person accused of a crime is at risk for a huge blow to popularity. A public relations professional can use public relations strategies for damage control. In an effort to regulate what information is shared to the public, a public relations team may submit positive stories or blurbs about the accused to the following communication resources:

  1. Digital Media
  2. News Channels on TV
  3. Social Media Platforms
  4. Radio Stations
  5. Online News Websites
  6. Newspapers

How can an attorney benefit from working with a public relations team?

An attorney who is representing a client in a high-profile criminal defense trial can benefit greatly from having a public relations professional working on their side. An attorney must work diligently and without distraction when preparing for their client’s intense case. If the accusation is very serious, the public may react immediately and with an abundance of opinions. Not having to focus on the media and managing the public’s response can bring a huge sigh of relief for an attorney. A public relations team can focus on utilizing their training in communication with the public, while an attorney can focus on providing attentive legal services. 

Does public relations professionals work within the world of social media too?

Yes, social media is such a major outlet for communication in today’s world. People use social media platforms as a way to talk to each other, talk about new stories and find out more information about those in the public eye. News about a criminal trial can be reposted quickly and reach a vast number of people within a very short period of time. A public relations professional, like from a public relations agency in New York, NY at Goldman McCormick PR, can utilize social media as a way to help regulate what is being shared and said about the high-profile trial.